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Cai Peinong, vice chairman of Shantou CPPCC conducts researches in Huashan(2017-12-21)
On the morning of December 8, 2017, vice chairman of Shantou CPPCC Cai Peinong, lead leading cadres at all levels to conduct research in Huashan. During the research, Huashan’s General Manager Yu Lianke delivered a brief report on the production and operation, developing needs and difficulties in the development of the company. Enterprises development has been highly valued by Shantou Municipal Committee and Shantou Municipal Government currently. To conduct research is to increase support strength to enterprises, said Cai Peinong. He hopes all related departments of municipal and district government shall joint efforts to strengthen service awareness, enhance policy advocacy, assist in solving quality enterprises' problems as soon as possible and increase their confidence in the development, and so to make contributions to the new round of great development in Shantou.