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Warmly Celebrated Staff & Reform Meeting was Held(2020-6-10)
Staff & Reform Meeting of SHANTOU HUASHAN ELECTRONIC DEVICES CO., LTD. was held at the conference hall in JUNHUA HOTEL at 8 pm on June 1, 2020. General Manager Li Zhengui, Vice General Manager Zhou Shaoxiong, Wang Yinghuai and the leaders of each department attended the meeting. Mr. Li pointed out that facing the current situation, staff should follow the reform and opening up guidelines of emancipating the mind, seeking truth from the facts and achieving the Four Modernizations. He also shared that in order to achieve success, we should first learn to survive in the competition, communicate with others well, and keep learning skills. To be a well-educated, intelligent, well-behaved and conscious person. “Always look before you leap”. Be vigilant and keep a sense of reform. Li encouraged all staff to make greater efforts, focus more on details, raise their offspring well, and achieve a mutual win with HUASHAN. Vice General Manager Mr. Zhou, Mr. Wang, Senior Manager of Business Department Lin Dantong, Senior Manager of Testing Department Guo Shuyuan, and Senior Manager of Engineering Department Chen Hongshi gave a speech about their willingness to support the reform and work harder towards a bright future. Finally, the counselor, Chen Jiefeng, indentified the current problems and weaknesses. All employees understood the situation and unified thoughts of reform through the meeting, expecting a bright future.